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At AGIC, we want you to be prepared for any and every disaster.

With our Home and Contents Insurance, you can ensure your home and belongings are protected at one low rate, giving you the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be able to recover quickly.

A disaster doesn’t wait until you’ve purchased insurance to strike.

So why tempt fate?

Our Property Insurance Products

Home Advantage

Under this policy residential structures and/or contents are insured against a range of perils including burglary, fire and natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. Coverage includes your household goods and valuable property owned by you or a member of your household. Also covered is liability protection for tenants, occupiers and employers as well as loss or damage during removal.


This policy provides similar coverage for perils, losses and damage as provided by our Home Advantage with a special rating for retired and pensioned homeowners.


Designed to meet all the Strata insurance needs for your Condominium and Apartment complexes, this policy provides coverage for all buildings and structures, including landscaping and the loss of maintenance fees. Your directors and officers are protected against liability arising out of any wrongful act in the performance of their duties. Compensation will be provided to your employees and the public for any legal liabilities you may incur under this policy. Burglary and loss of money are also covered.

Personal Accident

This policy offers you hassle-free coverage in the event of death, loss of sight, hand and/or foot disability. It will also cover medical expenses and provide a weekly salary for a pre-described period in the event of temporary disablement. The coverage may be calculated based on your income, and you can determine your level and range of benefits, based on your spending power.

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